The Girl With Rainbow Braids

Anire’s parents had her and decided they wouldn’t have another child. One was enough. Too preoccupied with climbing the corporate ladder, she was left with helps who were changed by their whims, till she got to primary three, and they declared she was too big for them. “You can read storybooks and eat cornflakes and fruit before we come back,” dad said that day.

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Is It Concern or Body Shaming?

This post is inspired by a WhatsApp status my friend made a couple weeks ago with the question: “Is there a difference between body shaming and asking someone to work out/eat healthier because the person is overweight?” We had a short discussion about it, and decided we’d write about it. We’re both master procrastinators, so, I’m only getting to it now.

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Deathbed: A Short Story

The mother was surrounded by friends in the living room. The ragged sound of her sobs wound down the hallway, crawled along the doorframe and bounced off the white tiles to my ears. They were more wretched than the breathing of the child. They sliced my soul. They were cold fingers clutching my heart.

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Where I Left Off

I always have stuff buzzing in my head to write about, till I pick up my laptop and I’m left with the desire to go to sleep. I should do book reviews, but I procrastinate till I don’t feel the need to do them any longer. I see lifestyle posts and go, “Oh, this looks cool. I should do something like this!” till I remember you can’t pull life experiences out of thin air. Beyond all that, there is (or was) school looming over my head. I barely have the presence of mind to carry out activities more complex than scrolling through social media, tapping the hearts and sending rant voice notes on WhatsApp.

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